Sunday, 24 October 2010


Around a month ago I was using the computer at the gym and found that a man had not logged out of his Facebook. The first thought that came to my head was that I could do some serious Facebook rape here, and if it were any of my friends I would of. But I then thought of the amount of power that I had right in front of me. It may sound like an exageration, but I actually had the power to seriously alter, or ruin someones life.
Other than the standard status update of 'I AM COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET, FINALLY', there are some serious things I could do. Maybe sending private messages to friends and saying awful things on chat to family members. And thinking about this made me really scared.
How much power do we have to potentially ruin someones life?
If I had taken the full opputunity of being logged onto someone elses Facebook, I could of possibly ruined his social, work and family life, right there on the Internet.

But in every day life, what we say about someone could change someones life.
What you may think of as a harmless little rumor could knock someones self-esteem or change their friendships and potential friendships.
As a girl I've had lots of rumors made about me, and countless people gossiping about what I get up to, but do people ever realise how much it hurts?
I wish I was one of those people that could turn round and say 'I dont care what people say about me' but I'm not because I dont think anyone can truly say that. Even when I'm driving and someone pips at me, I worry because they think badly of me, which I admit is a little bit strange.
Just think about the last time you heard a horrible rumor that had gone round about yourself, you were hurt right?
But just how often, when passing on some gossip about someone else, do think about how hurt you would be?
How often do you think about how crap that person feels knowing that everyone is talking and laughing about the mistake they made?
That person you may be laughing about is a person just like you. And they will have to live with knowing that everyone knows about perhaps a split second wrong decision that they made. Because you would feel pretty crap aswell, you know you would.
Im no angel, and I would like to meet someone who could truthfully put there hand and say they have never passed on a rumor about someone. And granted, there are some people, who have done horrible things to me, so much so that I feel morally obliged to pass rumors on about them. But maybe next time when you hear a rumor about someone, think how crap you would feel if that rumor was about you. And, as Chezza Cole said last night, just because someones life may seem like a circus, its still there life, and it shouldn't be your entertainment.

But if the rumor is really funny, it's fine. :)


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