Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I have started writing poems...

Publishing this is more scary than telling everyone about my blog. Please be nice, and sorry for it being so depressing...

Don't Call Me Your Baby

I'm a dreamer. It's understandable too,
When we live like this. Only a privaleged few
Get out this place. "See the light,
Face the people. Prove you're right.
To say what you say and do what you do"
Unless of course you're wrong. That wouldn't be anything new.
I've been challanged before, my beliefs ripped apart,
I pieced it back together, called it art.
Call your people, I'll shout mine.
Dig them up. Lose my mind
But I won't shed a tear. Thats not me
Down there, looking up. Wouldn't you agree?
Patience running out. I slam my fist to the wall,
Lean back, hit the floor. Wonder, if all
My problems are solved. Elastic band round my heart
Lose concept of time, oh, thats only the start.
Knock them back. Then pass out.
A better place, without a doubt.
Sweetheart I wouldn't worry, I'm not as clever as I look.
Learning how to be happy doesn't come from a book.
Lies to be remembered, promises to be forgot.
Good will come out of it, you'll be damned if not.
Hold my breath for a while, slump against the door.
Tell my body I was joking but it doesn't laugh anymore.
Beauty pulls out a cigerette and asks for a light,
Of course I oblige as anyone might.
Call me a sinner, it won't make you a saint.
Life is waiting, I don't want to be late.
Wrap a rope round my neck then kiss me goodnight
And for a moment...
I will take flight.

By Me

I will be back with a proper blog very soon. Thankyou for reading.

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