Friday, 26 November 2010

My Year In Lists.

Ive just seen the Coca- Cola Christmas advert, and like many other people, it means my Christmas has officially started!

As you can probably tell, I love christmas. I love everything about it:  pretty lights, the smell of the trees, seeing my family, people being in better moods, and of course the parties and lots of food! But in all this hype about christmas, it might sound stupid, but I forgot that its only 37 days until this year is over. Done.

When I realised, I started to get really scared and sad that a year in which I had planned so much for and expected so much of has kind of passed me by. Don't get me wrong, this year has produced many amazing memories, but not the ones I had expected. If you know me well, you probably know that my life is predominatly run by the lists I write, and before the 1st January I wrote a list of all the things I was going to do in 2010. Now you should know my lists are very importants to me, and in my warped reasoning, help me achieve things in my life.
So heres my list (the ones with stars next to them, are the ones I have done):
1.Forgive all the people who have ever done bad things to me, or upset me*
2.Have the night*
3.Find out what I want to do with my life*
4.Jump from the tree in Chatsworth, into the river
5.Sleep underneath the stars*
6.Go somewhere abroad*
7.Learn to play Guitar, so I can play the songs I have written lyrics for
8.Sing a song to an audience
9.Conquer a fear
10.Start a blog*
11.Go on a road trip with my friends
12.Be able to drive*
13.Puddle jump*
14.Go to a karaoke and sing
15.Sit on a roof top
16.Record a song
17.Be part of a flash mob
18.Do a ‘Slip And Slide’
19.Get lost somewhere*
20.Roll in mud
21.Draw money out of an ATM and shout ‘IVE WON!’*
22.Go to Toys’R’us
23.Go to a festival*
24.Milk a cow
25.Have my fortune told
26.Be naked on a nudist beach
27.Make a bet on the grand national
28.Send a message in a bottle
29.Open the door to a salesman and just scream until they go away
30.Sing loudly in the car with the windows open in a traffic jam*
31.Pull an all-nighter*
32.Go camping*
33.Write a diary*
34.Win something. Anything.*
35.Get something pierced
36.Write a postcard
37.Get a job*
38.Make a time capsule and bury it somewhere, and set a date to open it
39.Give a Valentines card to someone who will never find out who sent it
40.Feed the ducks
41.Run through the water fountain in derby
42.Leave a love note on a persons windscreen, who I don't know
43.Finish a crossword on my own*
44.Get something named after me
45.Get something on my body photocopied
46.Grow something*
47.Learn how to pull a pint
48.Go to a Salsa club and stay till after midnight
49.Take Tango lessons
50.Fly a kite
51.Make a dress*
52.Find my passion*
53.Have that crazy moment*
54.Learn to not take things as personally*
55.Meet a celebrity*
56.Give blood
57.Go on a walk to somewhere I've never been*
58.Go to an auction
59.Run 5 miles*
60. Fall truly, endlessly and hopelessly in love

You'd think that in a entire year I would be able to do 60 things wouldn't you? Wrong. I have only completed 25, thats less than half. Not only am I now a failure in the things other people want me to do, but a failure in what I want myself to do!
Ok, so the things I have done.

Forgiving all the people was a massive step for me, especially when it came to the girls that made my life hell for a year in secondary school, but the woman on the mobility scooter who ran over my foot and left me a limp for a week, was the hardest to forgive! Whilst learning not to take things as personally took a while longer. Can you imagine being in a wheelchair and hearing a lad go ''She's a bit of alright'' and his friend say ''Yeh, but mate she's in a wheelchair''? I have never wanted to be Andy from Little Britain so much in my whole life!
Please tell me you know what THE night is? Well, you know in films, where the man and woman stay up all night and learn absolutly everything about each other and it's really romantic? To your surprise I have had THE night, unfortunatly, now its not that much of a great memory as all the things he told me where fabricated lies and as we were at a party, many people ocassionly threw up around us. But at least I can tick it off my list!
I have found out what I want to do with my life, alongside finding my passion, and that is journalism and writing for all you lovely people, so therefore I have started my blog. Also the more and more I think about it, it's a bit like a diary (okay so thats a bit of cheating but...) Tick!
Sleeping underneath the stars was not as cool as it sounds, as it was when I went abroad (Tick), I was sunbathing, fell asleep and woke up in pitch black with stars above my head. But I will admit, although it was cold, it was a nice thing to wake up too.
Being able to drive has coincided with getting lost. Everytime I go out, I end up getting lost, I will admit it was scary the first few times. When you drive past the same old lady with a trolley five times, its not because she is moving quickly, its because you keep going : left, left, left and left again.
Number 21 is one of the funniest things I have ever done and its surprising how many people say ''Oh, really? How much?'' and sound excited for you (maybe they though I was crazy) definitely give it a go! Another was the festival and camping. It was probably one of the greatest weekends of my life, including two all-nighters, and there are things that will make me laugh for years to come.
Now for the crazy moment, or moments. If you read all blogs you will know I have had many moments where I have looked like a person who had escaped from a mental asylum, but one that really stick in my mind was I was in M&S shortly after I had come out of hospital. I kept having wierd moments of feeling unbelievably ill, where all I could do was sit on the floor, shut my eyes, and wait for it to pass. Well one of these moments happened when I was at the checkout while my mum was paying for some food. It came on so fast that all I had time to do was crouch down and rest my head on the side of the conveabelt. I eventually managed to get to the wall, where I sat and my mum passed me my drink, which was fizzy orange. In a rush to open it, I undid it to fast which meant it fizzed all over my hands, crotch and the floor. At which point the loveliest lad who worked there came over and helped me move and handed me some tissues and made sure I was okay. When the illness was wearing off he asked me if I knew where the toilet was. In a moment of madness, I thought that he thought I had wet myself, afterall there was yellowy liquid on the floor and my crotch was wet, and I stood up and shouted 'I haven't wet myself!'. Shortly after walking off in disgust I realised he had said it because I needed to wash my hands. My Mum said he looked gutted.
The others on the list are pretty self-explanitory.

The things I haven't done.

There is one that sticks out, and that would be the last one. To fall truly, endlessly and hopelessly in love. The one thing on the list I was hoping to achieve. It made me realise that as much as I am not that big a fan of 'love', its not something you can plan or arrange. It's pretty much the same with life aswell. I had planned this year in such detail, it was almost impossible to follow. Probably the biggest destroyer of the plan was when, 16 days into the year, I was taken ill and confined to a hospital bed for a month. But nearly losing this year, and the rest of my life made me realise you have a life to live, and you only get one chance. It doesn't matter how mishapen it becomes, aslong as you make the best out of it, because its your life and no-one else's.

However,I am making a plea. A plea to anyone who can help me achieve the rest of the things on my list before 2011 starts. Please no-one creepy for the last one...
For the next 37 days I will be rapidly running round town, just to tick some things on a list.
Live. Laugh. Love

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