Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Ever become someone you dont like?

Basically, if I met me, I wouldn't like me.

I'm one of those people you have to get to know to fully understand what I mean and for me to get close to you. Im a bitch. Now I don't do or say anything to be purposely bitchy and I would never do anything to directly hurt anyone. But I fall into traps, by saying things at the wrong time or talking about someone a little bit too much. I really need to think more before I do things.

Also I interupt people when there talking. I dont even realise I do it most of the time. But sometimes I get my mum glaring at me - eyes wide open - and I realise I need to let others make there point. Therefore I am way too opinionated, and I want people to know my opinion. Annoying, I know.

And another thing. When I first meet people I kind of just stare at them and I cant think of anything to say. I end up just standing there like and arrogant, ignorant, stuck-up.....

Ok, so thats enough self bashing for one day. And I will try and make a point out of this blog.

''Your imperfections are what make you perfect''

Because although you may not like these things about yourself and wish you were somehow different, they make you, YOU! And who you are makes people love you. Well, thats what people say anyway. I say 'people' as I am yet to experiance this kind of love that everyone raves about.

I am also abit sceptical about the fact anyone will ever love the fact I compulsivley write lists, forget to put ice cream back in the freezer, frequently eat only stuffing and gravy for my lunch and pick my spots till they bleed. But I except the fact that that is me.

Maybe your one of those people who doesn't like who they are, and kicks themselves for the way they act sometimes. But believe me everyone does. And don't be scared to show your imperfections. After all, there what make you beautiful.
I think people often forget the fact that self-loving is about the inside aswell as out.

Gok Wan eat your heart out!

Live. Laugh. Love

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