Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Boxes of crap

I am going through the process of cleaning and sorting out my bedroom, meaning trawling through endless boxes and shelves in my wardrobe and either sorting it or chucking it out. Coming to the end of the process and i have come to what is the worst bit, when there are pieces of crap, that you dont want to throw away but you are unable to sort out. Which is where my 'boxes of crap' come in. These items that have no place to be put go into a box full of the other 'crap' things, until the next time i have a sort out only to be put in 'boxes of crap' again.
So your thinking whats the point in this blog?
When i sat down after finally finishing the sort out i realised how my my bedroom is like my life, no matter how much i try to sort everything out and put it in its rightful place, there are still areas of my life that cant be completly sorted, no matter how well organised and 'tidy' and 'complete' my life seems to be there are always areas of it that cant be sorted out, no matter how much i try.
Until i thought of my life this way i have always tried to sort these areas of my life out without success. But it made me think: just because not everything is in perfect in my bedroom, does that mean i cant enjoy spending time in it, and just because there are messy areas of my life does that not mean i cant live it to the full?
Nothing in life is ever perfect, and you may not enjoy all of your life, but that just stresses the point that you have to live like there is no tommorow, because if you dont the 'boxes of crap' in your life will take over.



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