Thursday, 5 August 2010


I never understood the reason for delivery reports until tonight. I've always thought people who had them were abit paranoid about people not texting them back, I've always felt very laid back to say 'they will text back if they want too'.  But know i'm goin through a paranoid spell. I want to know whether the person has recieved my message, if they are going to reply, and what they are thinking. Yeh, I know some of that you can't work out form a delivery report, but you know what, I wish there was a report to say at least if they were thinking of replying! It would make my life right now so much easier, and it would mean I could get some sleep.
Now, I'm not about to pour my heart out and tell you who I want a reply from and why it's so important that they do (i'm not the openly emotional type). But the text message will kind of determine whether my heart will be a little bit bruised..... okay broken.
But then I find myself thinking: has this world become so unromantic, that things that determine someones heart, are done via text? And what's worse is, I am so bad via text. I am so uncharming via text. To be honest, I mess things up via text!
I've always found it really wierd how when my relationships (boyfriend/girlfriend type) break up i deal with it absolutly fine, and then when a relationship that never hits the boyfriend/girlfriend commitment stage, falls apart, I totally fall apart.
I think it's because, I have a big problem with not having closure. You see when a relationship ends, it's the END. When one of you makes the solid decision to not be with the other anymore. And thats closure alright, clean, pure, closure.
But when a undefined relationship fizzles to an end, when either of the couple involved decides 'NAH. This ain't for me' the other one is left with no answers, and no goodbye, no closure. That's why I end up in such a mess.
And that's where I see myself heading right now.



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  1. i totally agree with you here. without closure theres no moving on (: x


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