Sunday, 15 August 2010

One Tree Hill makes my life make sense.

Think of your favourite song. Which is your favourite bit? Whats the ending like?
Think of your last relationship. Which was your favourite bit? What was the ending like?

A wise man once said ''Everything must come to an end''. Someone from One Tree Hill once said ''Every song has an ending Jake, but is that any reason not to enjoy the music? ''. Okay so ignore the Jake bit and do you get what I mean?
Some songs have really good endings. 'Your love is my drug' by Kesha for example. At the end of that song she says 'I like your beard', which I personally think is a great ending. But I hate those songs that dont really have an ending, the ones that just fade out. I hate relationships that just fade out, that don't have an explosive ending, that you don't have any emotion for. Is it really stupid of me to say that i would rather end a relationship with an explosive argument than an argreement to just be friends? Wheres the excitement in that? Because it certainly wont go down in history.
One of my most memorable breakups, involved me sitting on my kitchen floor, crying, with half risen cakes in my hand. Now i'm not saying that was a nice thing to experiance (believe me it wasnt pretty), but you no what, it gave me something to write a song about. And it might be my warped brain, that always makes the best out of every BLOODY situation, but you no what, i've learnt my lesson from that relationship and breakup, so therefore, for me, it was a good ending.
At a festival I recently went to, I ended up camping next to an 'ex-boyfriend' (a term to be used loosly) of mine. We spent last summer together and to cut a long story short, it didnt end well, and I think it was the first time i've ever hated someone that much. But my new years resolution means I have to forgive everyone who has ever hurt me (the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life!).
 I was dreading the thought of awkward looks and 'hello's' but we actually ended up talking for ages one night, and stayed up way after everyone else had gone to bed, just talking. There was no awkward silences or snide comments, it was just like it used to be.
It made me think. Why do we let our feelings of hate for someone who hurt us get in the way of us remebering the good times we had with them? After all, there must of been times when you had feelings for them, in order for them to get hurt.
Suddenly it makes sense. Just because a relationship enevitably has an ending, whether it be explosive or amicable, does that mean we can't have fun during the relationship?
And just because this life comes to an end, do we worry when we are going to die, or do we have fun and enjoy the time we have to the full? It's hard to always be happy, there are going to be times when its tough to evan get up in the morning. But just think your song could end at anytime, and whether it fades or you comment on someones beard, you no what, you can't replay it. So sing it loud and dance like crazy, cos before you no it, you could be listening to your encore. And how awful would it be not to get a standing ovation?

I will leave you with a quote from a song by my future husband Frank Turner - ''And if all you ever do with your life is Photosythesize. Then you deserve everyone of your sleepless nights, wondering when your gonna die''

Ooh and Hello to Josh Prime, the only person who reads my blogs :) Your a legend!


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  1. Why thankyou for my legendary status ;)
    I think you can guess who this is :)
    Keep writing.
    It makes me happy :)


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